For people who want to contribute to social development
Help people discover each other and develop together — that’s our mission
What is IPS?
IPS is an instrument for visualizing your impact
IPS is an indicator of your impact in the world
What does IPS calculate?
Contribution to the development of the international community
Number of people you helped in joining IPS
Length of the longest teachers - students chain
And 15+ other parameters
Number of your teachers
Number of your students
What was IPS created to do?

We believe that a teacher is a person who has shared knowledge with you or has asked you to take part in reflecting or making an impact.
A teacher is a person who you are thankful for helping you grow and develop.
Thus, a person is bound to become a teacher to someone at some point in time.
Sooner or later, a person is bound to discover within oneself the need to share knowledge, to reflect on experiences…
But what does it mean to be a teacher?
How does IPS help the world?
Captures the impact of every person
Promotes progress
Stimulates the development of an impactful society
Calculates the social density
Pays homage to the importance of teachers
Brings unity to fragmented communities
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