Terms of use
Rybakov Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Foundation) grants you access to using the IPS platform (http://ipsmetrics.com/, hereinafter referred to as Site) and its features on the conditions that represent the subject of the present Agreement. We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the present Agreement. The Foundation treats the present Agreement as a Formal Offer in accordance with Art. 437 of the Russian Federation Civil Code.

The User grants the Foundation the right to process personal data in accordance with Sect. 6 of the present Agreement Federal, as per Law #152-FZ dated 27.07.2006 “On personal data.”

Joining the present Agreement by the User means gradually going through all the registration procedures and transferring their personal data. This execution form for the User Agreement is equivalent to formal execution in written form. The Parties are entitled to conclude a bilateral written contract on paper at any time. The document must be signed by the Parties’ representatives.

By accepting the Agreement, the User agrees to all the stipulations of the present Agreement and is obliged to execute them.

The Agreement is in force from the moment data is transferred via the Site and during the entire service use term, unless other stipulations are set forth by the Site.

Invalidity of one or several stipulations of the present Agreement does not result in the invalidity of the entire Agreement.

The Foundation reserves the right to revise the User Agreement without notifying the User. The current edition of the Agreement can be seen at: http://ipsmetrics.ru/terms-of-use.

The Foundation recommends Users to regularly check the Agreement for revisions and/or additions. Continued use of the Site by the User after the revisions and/or additions were completed is deemed to be acceptance and agreement of the User with the relevant revisions and/or additions.

In terms of the Site’s functionality and development, the Foundation acts upon the Russian Federation legislation regarding the present User Agreement, and other specialized documents that were developed or could be developed and accepted by the Foundation to regulate the Users’ access to the Site.

1. The subject of the present Offer regulates the relations between Rybakov Foundation (OGRN: 1187700007824; INN/KPP 9709031439/771401001, address: app. 609, building 11. 36 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow, 125167) (hereinafter referred to as Foundation and Site Administration) and any natural person (hereinafter referred to as User) in respect to the service of calculating the User’s company IPS and evaluating the User’s personal IPS (hereinafter referred to as Service).

2. By sending an application via the Service made available on the Site, the User is deemed to have accepted unconditionally all the stipulations of the present Offer, with no omissions as per Art. 438 of the Russian Federation Civil Code. The “User” is any natural person who has accepted the stipulations of the present Agreement and has sent an application for IPS assessment via the Foundation’s Service.

3. The User affirms that before submitting their application, they have familiarized themselves with the present Agreement and they understand and accept all the stipulations with no omissions.

4. The User accepts that by applying via the Service they agree to:

4.1. include current, precise, and full information on themselves as requested in the application form published on the Site (registration data);
4.2. provide and maintain current and precise personal data and contact information (full name, phone number, email);
4.3. accept the Foundation’s use of the provided User information in full or in part to meet the goals as set in the present Agreement.

5. The User cannot apply on behalf or in the name of another person, except situations when the User is entitled by law to do so notwithstanding.

6. The User grants to the Foundation the right to process personal data according to the regulations of Art. 9, Federal Law #152-FZ dated 27.07.2006 “On personal data” (Law) under the following conditions:

6.1. Personal data processing can be both automated and unautomated.
6.2. “Personal data processing” refers to the processing of all non-specialized and non-biometric data: surname, name, patronym, place of work, profession, contact phone numbers, e-mail address, and place of residence as provided by the User.
6.3. Personal data processing is completed for the following reasons: to inform the User about the Foundation’s events, programs, and projects, in response to the User’s queries via http://ipsmetrics.com/ (Site) and the chat bot https://t.me/ips_metrics_bot (Chat Bot), as well as to promote other interactions of the Foundation and its partners with the User, including interactions related to program and project implementation, such as partnership programs and projects.
6.4. Personal data processing is regulated by: Art. 24 of the Russian Federation Constitution; Art. 6 of the Law; other federal laws and regulations.
6.5. During personal data processing the following actions can be undertaken: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (renewal, changes), extraction, use, anonymization, blocking, deletion, erasure.
6.6. The Foundation transfers personal data to third parties only by the Russian Federation legislation.
6.7. Personal data is processed till the storage period of relevant information or documents that include such information expires as per Russian Federation legislation.

7.Personal data processing can be halted upon the written request submitted by the personal data subject to the Foundation.

8.If the personal data subject or their representative resolves to exit the agreement, the Foundation is entitled to continue personal data processing without the personal data subject’s agreement if the conditions stipulated by Sect. 2-11 Art. 6, Sect. 2 Art. 10, and Sect. 2 Art. 11 of the Law are met.

9.The User hereby agrees to receive messages in relation to the Foundation, its programs and projects, including ad messages as well as notifications of any other nature by phone, e-mail, and other communication channels as noted by the User during the registration process via the Site. The User is entitled to decline notifications by sending a reply detailing the refusal to receive any further notifications to the phone number (email address) which was used to send the initial notifications.

10.The Site and/or its services may be partially or fully inaccessible due to maintenance or any other type of work, or any other technical causes. The Administration of the Information Resources (Site) is entitled to undertake all necessary maintenance and other types of work at any time at its own discretion. Advance notification of Users is optional.

11.The Site Administration is not responsible for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in the process of data processing or transfer, as well as failures of communication channels, theft, or unwarranted access to user data transferred via the Site. The Site Administration is not responsible for any technical malfunctions or other issues related to local telephone networks, services, computer systems, servers or service providers, computer or telephone equipment, and software, as well as malfunctions related to email or computer script technical malfunctions.

12.The Site Administration is not responsible for any damage inflicted to the computer, mobile devices, any other equipment, or software of the User or any third party due to downloads from the Site or the links posted on the Site.

13.Under no conditions (including circumstances when the Site Administration notified or warned the User or any third party of such conditions) is the Site Administration or its representatives responsible for any indirect, random, unintentional damage inflicted to the User or any third party, including damages related to lost benefits, lost data, as well as infringement of honor, dignity, or business reputation due to the use of the Site, its contents or any other materials that the User or any third party gained access to via the Site.
The present Agreement goes into effect as soon as the User provides their data via the Service and is in effect till the User withdraws from the Agreement.

14.The present Agreement can be altered unilaterally by the Foundation without prior notification regarding the relevant alterations. Any alterations to the Agreement go into force at 00 hours 00 minutes (Moscow time) on the day after such alterations were published on the Site. The Users must personally familiarize themselves with the latest version of the present Agreement. The latest version of the Agreement is always available online via http://ipsmetrics.ru/terms-of-use.

15.In all issues that are not stipulated by the present Agreement, the parties follow the relevant regulations of the Russian Federation legislation.

16.In all matters under dispute or disagreement in relation to the present Agreement the parties will do their best to resolve the matters by negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiations, the relevant matters must be resolved according to the procedures stipulated by the Russian Federation legislation in force at the Foundation’s registration address.

17.We collect metadata from our Users.